Congrats to Axel ‘The Ax’ Berner for his first win as a professional golf player taking home first price at Asker Open, Østlandstourfinalen

EAGL are happy to announce our newest member, The Ax, to The .EAGL Family.

With a two shot off the lead he went into the final day crushing the field to win by 4 shots. Winning in the regional finals give him a spot on the nationals next week. Even though he don’t need it, since he already have a spot, its a great confidence boost for the coming week.

Buddy you`re a boy, make a big noise. Playing on the course, gonna be a big man someday. You got eager in your face, keep up the work. Smacking the ball, all over the place.


How do you feel about winning your first tournament as a professional?

It was great coming off with a win, even though it was a small event, it was good to win. 

What`s coming next week and how would you attack the course for the nationals?

Next week is a national tournament at Hauger Golfklubb. I will attack the course like every other course, by hunting pins and make Birdies and Eagles.

What is your biggest goals for 2021 and how will you prepare in advance?

My biggest goal for 2021 is to qualify to play the Nordic League, which is a mini tour playing around in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Your best score in 2020?

My best score of 2020 and also my personal best is a 7 under 63 at my home course, where I finished with a Hole in One on the last.

.EAGL see a bright future in this youngster hitting bombs all day.

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